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Dede Young Art Consultant

Biographical Sketch 

Dede Young is an art consultant who advises collectors on all aspects of building and managing collections, leads tours to art venues in the US and abroad, and provides career services to artists at all stages of their careers.  A former gallery director and museum curator of modern and contemporary art, she has more than twenty years of experience in the professional art world. 

Dede has overseen more than 100 curatorial projects, published dozens of essays and interviews, built and managed collections of modern and contemporary art, worked with scores of artists and collectors, and presented lectures and programs on a wide range of topics, including trends in today’s art world and navigating the art marketplace.

Since 2001, Dede has managed a Collectors’ Colloquium, leading groups through NYC galleries and museums and touring national and international art venues including the Spiral Jetty, Roden Crater, Marfa, Storm King Art Center, Documenta, Munster Sculpture Project, the Venice Biennale and Guiliano Gori Sculpture Collection (Celle Farm, Pistoia, Italy), and art fairs in Basel, Lyon, Miami and New York. 

In her work as a consultant to emerging and established artists, Dede curates exhibitions, writes catalogue essays, edits website content, sources personal and institutional clients for their work, and provides guidance to artists about the direction of their work and their career. She also offers seminars on professional development for art students on campuses around the country. 

Dede holds an MA in art history from the University of Florida and a BFA in painting from the University of Kansas. She was Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at two university museums, Director of a regional Art Center, and Director of Marlborough Chelsea, where she worked to establish a program focused on contemporary art.


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